Day 357.3 – ‘round the block

Chilly but bright. Dry makes a change.


Day 335.3 – Reigate Hill footbridge

Sunday sesh with Cally


Day 320.3 – Sat pootle



Day 307.3 – Cally wins 5-0

Like the Boks just a smaller point spread


Day 293.3 – The girls

Happy Five-Oh Pen


Day 244.3 – Easy

Easy like Sunday morning


Day 232.3 – Quick snail!

Before someone comes


Day 230.3 – Commitment

Max points


Day 223.3 – Sunday trails

Cruising with Cally


Day 211.3 – Walking on water

There's a trick to it


Day 193.3 – Pub ‘run’

Because Friday


Day 182.3 – Embracing the day

Cally gets the week started


Day 44.3 – Afterglow

Running with UFO's


Day 104.2 – Sunday strolls

Misty Leith Hill

Day 352 – Vin o’clock

Must be a Summer Sunday

Day 38 – Afternoon stroll

Cally walking in the forest near Horton Park

Day 19 – Cally / fish, part 2

Cally takes a closer look at a fishy friend, house reef, Stella Di Mare hotel, Sharm.

Day 15 – The Deep

Cally takes a peek into the abyss.
Naama Bay

Day 13 – Sun, warmth, book, sea

It's all the girl really needs.

Day 11 – Cally / fish

Cally makes new friends as we take the underwater camera for a spin.

Day 3 – Cally at the Cricketers

Sunday afternoon, lazy, early dinner at one of the locals.