Day 30.3 – Sun and Snow

Frosty sparkles

Day 29.3 – Sushi

With the un-melting butter in mouth


Day 28.3 – Pink in the morning

Shepherds may be right


Day 27.3 – The Cock

Inn not up


Day 26.3 – Moss and mud

Happy trails


Day 25.3 – Twilight

Ambience not Saga


Day 24.3 – Pub run

Yes, that's a thing


Day 23.3 – Just a light dusting

Of the white stuff

Day 22.3 – Mist rolls in

Epsom Downs


Day 21.3 – Brrrr

Frosty start


Day 20.3 – Winter greys

More of the washed-out


Day 19.3 – Leftovers

Last year's Hydrangeas


Day 18.3 – The time of the moss

/ driveway in Winter


Day 17.3 – Gentle Sunset

Belies the winter chill


Day 15.3 – Skywards

East Croydon


Day 12.3 – Surry XC

Oxshott Heath


Day 11.3 – Head torch

Early start


Day 10.3 – Winter palette

Washed out colour


Day 9.3 – Toasty floor

Winter upside


Day 8.3 – Sashimi takes a moment

Watery Winter sunshine


Day 7.3 – Orchid

No one told them about Winter


Day 6.3 – And they’re off!

TAD10 Epsom downs


Day 5.3 – Parkrun 001

Cally is on the board


Day 4.3 – Friday!

Good choices


Day 3.3 – Drone!

But nowhere near Gatwick


Day 2.3 – KND

First commuters


Day 1.3 – Here we go again…

This one starts as a real "spur of the moment" thing and rolls up a new challenge: "run per day" - going to see if I can combine 2 passions and run every day as well as post a fresh pic for the next year.

At least I've managed to start on the 1st of Jan for a change so the calendar should make sense.