Day 312.3 – Leaves!

Theme for the weekend


Day 295.3 – Autumn light

Low morning rays


Day 261.3 – House arrest

Bad kitties be roaming


Day 255.3 – Sasha goes mountaineering

Bit of a drip really


Day 142.3 – Stepping out

Sushi with weeds


Day 122.3 – Spring rolls it’s sleeves up

Sashimi is ok with that


Day 56.3 – Fake Spring

Too soon


Day 23.3 – Just a light dusting

Of the white stuff

Day 8.3 – Sashimi takes a moment

Watery Winter sunshine


Day 84.2 – Winter Sun

But not the type you fly away to

Day 3.2 – Tools of the trade

Landscaping is underway