Day 132.3 – Horses at dawn

Sunday morning


Day 131.3 – Coffee al fresco

Whatever the weather


Day 129.3 – Everything but the girl

Somewhat out of context but interesting and relevant


Day 128.3 – Peony tears…

... of joy, surely

[5.5mi|0:53|9:33/mi (int)]

Day 127.3 – Tucking in

Ceanothus nosh


Day 126.3 – Monday morning

Much like Sunday


Day 125.3 – Sunday morning glory

Why wouldn't you?


Day 124.3 – Somerset House

Inbetween showers


Day 123.3 – Run hard, race harder

Roger that. Fresh horses.


Day 122.3 – Spring rolls it’s sleeves up

Sashimi is ok with that