Day 121 – 1/1/11 1:11pm

Happy New Year!






5 responses to “Day 121 – 1/1/11 1:11pm”

  1. BRENT

    This looks idyllic. Who would want to leave that to face the rest of 2011?

    1. paul

      I know. The memories will have to sustain us.

  2. philip

    nice one boet, looking forward to seeing you. May it be a sweet year for you and your love

    1. paul

      And to you and yours!

  3. Andrew Day

    Lovely place. Happy New Year to you and to Brent and Philip and families. Phil we have been using the painting you did of my parents’ house in 1994 as a reference as we are about to renovate the house. Very good likeness indeed.
    Cheers to all.

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