Day 33.2 - Big day

On a grand scale, happy birthday Kelly!

Day 12.2 - Bracing

Jim & Nic taking a seaside stroll

Day 212 - Top Bananas

Brighton boardwalk

Day 137 – FY11 Planning

Making up the numbers

Day 127 – The artist and his canvas

Philip surveys his latest piece.
More brilliant work here:

Day 121 - 1/1/11 1:11pm

Happy New Year!

Day 98 – MW OTP 2 APAC

Mike, on the blower, to Glenn, in Oz

Day 96 – Jazz

Picture of concentration

Day 74 - Spud ball

Team building in Boston

Day 52 – Daddy disco

Sam and Luke throw down to Juluka

Day 44 - Turning 5

Rachel gets to be the birthday fairy

Day 42 - Coffee moments

Getting ready for the day ahead

Day 32 - Nightbus

Making the most of chaos during the tube strike.

Day 27 - Morning cuppa

Guess who supplies my morning caffeine.

Day 14 - Morning rounds

Early morning in Sharm, checking the grounds.

More pics…

Day 3 - Cally at the Cricketers

Sunday afternoon, lazy, early dinner at one of the locals.