Day 289.3 – Conker season

For those who do


Day 269.3 – Eye of the bubble

Thursday Proseccs


Day 268.3 – Scrambos



Day 267.3 – Magritte revisited

Still powering creative compute


Day 266.3 – Oooh yes please

Fleury - All-time Nappa fav


Day 75.3 – Fasion



Day 58.3 – Lightbulb moment

Seemed like a good idea


Day 42.3 – Frosty Frosty Night

Frozen palette, blues and greys


Day 110.2 – Vase light

Winter rays

Day 9.2 – Food collage

/ Lunch

Day 3.2 – Tools of the trade

Landscaping is underway

Day 92 – Sunrise in Bartlett

"The berries"

Day 25 – New coffee table

Fresh flowers under the watchful eye of Madiba.

Day 23 – Things turn autumnal

Back in the UK and trimming the garden for winter.

Day 5 – Buds, the yanks come to visit but the beer is Czech

A quiet beer at the end of a long day. The Grange hotel, Tower Bridge

Day 2 – dandelion

Feels like Summer is already on the way out. Ho-hum.