Day 365.2 – Done and dusted

Project #2 comes to a close. Thanks for the comments and support - it has meant a lot to know that there are a few folks 'tuned in' to the output.

The year has had its challenges as working from home has narrowed the subject opportunities but a lot has happened nonetheless and its great to have this lens through which I can reflect on the past 365 days.

Its always bitter-sweet coming to the end and once again I've learned a lot along the way. There is bound to be a picperday.3 at some point but not for a little while, I suspect.

picperday.2 gallery  13 Oct 2015 - 12 Oct 2016

Day 364.2 – Basking kitties

Making the most of it

Day 363.2 – Get it done headwear

Obvious choice for a Monday

Day 362.2 – Dogwoods at dawn

Morning glow

Day 361.2 – New digs

For Vivid and V2

Day 360.2 – Great escape

Woody hangs on

Day 359.2 – Late train

Been a while

Day 358.2 – The Sushi duvet sprawl

Owning it

Day 357.2 – A curious sky

Over the hedge

Day 356.2 – Mostly sunny

With a good chance of spider webs

Day 355.2 – More misty leaves

Autumn mornings

Day 354.2 – Misty morning

Autumn leaves

Day 353.2 – Texture and lights

Its what happens near the end

Day 352.2 – Just another puddle

Of light

Day 351.2 – Morning light

Marching towards Autumn

Day 350.2 – Sensory loading

Sushi with office chair

Day 349.2 – Farewell the icebergs

Welcome additions to the garden

Day 348.2 – ’tis the season

To be running

Day 347.2 – Bottom of the garden

More of...

Day 346.2 – Pebblescape

With leaf

Day 345.2 – Commitment

Sushi getting after it

Day 344.2 – Same same

But slightly different

Day 343.2 – Screen burn

And photo fatigue

Day 342.2 – And so it begins

Or perhaps ends...

Day 341.2 – Dame Kelly sends us off

Reigate half

Day 340.2 –  Epsom downs

With a splash of sun

Day 339.2 – Friday naps

Sisterly bliss

Day 338.2 – Web droplet cosmos

Morning dew

Day 337.2 – Pastels at dawn

With a lonely doe

Day 336.2 – Busy skies

September heatwave kicks off

Day 335.2 – Personal project takes flight