Day 365 – It ends as it began

Thanks for all your comments and support this past year – it’s meant a lot and kept me going.

I am making plans for a new project in 2012 and will keep you posted.





9 responses to “Day 365 – It ends as it began”

  1. Gotta say, I’ve enjoyed it all year. More interesting shots than not; I hope you continue in some form.

    See ya soon hopefully, ed

    1. paul

      Thanks Ed, hope things are well and we get the chance to catch up over a beer before too long!

  2. Dad

    Just a little grey at the temples now.
    Well done on keeping it up.
    How will we know where you are in the next 365 days?

    1. paul

      It may well be possible to see a few ageing effects from the last 365 days 🙂

      It will be strange to let this project go but I hope the next one will be as enjoyable (if not the daily log picperday has been)

  3. lucy

    Well done Paul !
    We’ve enjoyed them all
    The Marne gang.

  4. philip

    well done china, it has been a very inspiring and enjoyable journey. Got to see your movement around the globe and creative discovery. Will miss my daily dose of Schnell doing his thing. Looking forward to the next venture. Go well boet

    1. paul

      Thanks Philip – its been great having your support, I’ve really appreciated the comments

  5. Debbie

    Congratulations on a year of magnificent photos. Brent has shown me your 2012 calendar which is a great finale to your “picperday” adventure.
    It is extremely obvious that you not only have talent , but you have an amazing eye for recognizing and capturing the unusual, the obvious, the beautiful and the obscure! Happy 2012 to both You and Carolyn.
    Debs (Nu Phy)

    1. paul

      Thanks Debbie! Much appreciated, it was a great project to have completed.

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