Day 27 – Morning cuppa

Guess who supplies my morning caffeine.

Day 26 – Stepping up

Tucking behind the commuter in front, up those stairs.

Day 25 – New coffee table

Fresh flowers under the watchful eye of Madiba.

Day 24 – Winter stocks at the nursery

Box plants lined up.

Day 23 – Things turn autumnal

Back in the UK and trimming the garden for winter.

Day 22 – Sharm memories

Instructor and dive buddy Kahled at Ras Um Sid

Day 21 – Big world

Life comes in all sizes on the reef

Day 20 – Scuba tanks

The all-important air tanks

Day 19 – Cally / fish, part 2

Cally takes a closer look at a fishy friend, house reef, Stella Di Mare hotel, Sharm.

Day 18 – Aquatic Dissonance

Looks a bit like a tank but it's 10m down - snorkelling in Sharm

Day 17 – No beach holiday complete without one

The ubiquitous parasail.

Day 16 – Beachside bliss

The beach terrace at the Stella Di Mare resort in Naama Bay.

Day 15 – The Deep

Cally takes a peek into the abyss.
Naama Bay

Day 14 – Morning rounds

Early morning in Sharm, checking the grounds.

More pics...

Day 13 – Sun, warmth, book, sea

It's all the girl really needs.

Day 12 – G&T, it’s got to be

Nothing like a G&T in 40 degrees.

Day 11 – Cally / fish

Cally makes new friends as we take the underwater camera for a spin.

Day 10 – Sunrise over Sharm

It's a very early start as we arrive at 5am and watch the sun come up before getting our room.

Naama bay in the evening...

Day 9 – X at the airport

On our way to Sharm in the BA lounge - whew! Managed to catch the x-factor.

Day 8 – on the beach

Early morning towards Brighton Pier

Day 7 – the Grand Brighton

View from in front of the Grand towards the burned out pier. The hotel and the area has seen better days.

Day 6 – The drain

Waterloo and City underground entrance from Bank station. Affectionately known as 'the drain'.

Day 5 – Buds, the yanks come to visit but the beer is Czech

A quiet beer at the end of a long day. The Grange hotel, Tower Bridge

Day 4 – London life

A to B, Londoners know.

Day 3 – Cally at the Cricketers

Sunday afternoon, lazy, early dinner at one of the locals.

Day 2 – dandelion

Feels like Summer is already on the way out. Ho-hum.


Day 1 – looking forward

A fairly random day to kick this off, hope I can keep momentum. It should be a good way to start thinking in pictures more.