Day 307.2 - Inglis Memorial

1909 Drinking fountain for horses, Colley Hill

Day 305.2 - Small day

Been 20 years and, more recently, many miles.

Day 304.2 - Hard light

More from the bottom of the garden

Day 302.2 - Anti-climb device

But not a particularly good one

Day 299.2 - Bad kitty

Adventurous climber

Day 297.2 - Salad wave

If you squint a bit

Day 296.2 - Summer

All of the greens – 4th season in full swing

Day 288.2 - Out of Jail

Kitties are happy to be back

Day 284.2 - Stage is set

Let wedding commence

Day 283.2 - Nice work if you can get it

Great ‘studio’ but hot, very hot