Day 286.3 – 4:01:30

Happy with that. Shame to miss 4.


Day 255.3 – Sasha goes mountaineering

Bit of a drip really


Day 250.3 – Never again

Definitely. Probably. Maybe.


Day 90.3 – Self ”ish”

Camden lock


Day 1.3 – Here we go again…

This one starts as a real "spur of the moment" thing and rolls up a new challenge: "run per day" - going to see if I can combine 2 passions and run every day as well as post a fresh pic for the next year.

At least I've managed to start on the 1st of Jan for a change so the calendar should make sense.


Day 5.2 – Bokke, Twickers

Must win!

Day 1.2 – Selfie tradition maintained

The 2016 project begins, like 2011 with a selfie. Looking forward to the year ahead!