Day 146 – Love

Not hate

Day 138 – Waterloo & Pity line

Herding people

Day 123 – Fruit of the vine

Wine tasting under the oaks, Franschhoek

Day 118 – Rooisands wild horses

Kleinmond wetlands

Day 116 – Fishing with gramps

Will and Lolli casting for tiddlers

Day 115 – Tonto steps up for breakfast

Alassio Stables, Constantia

Day 113 – Ferns and fynbos

Helderberg nature reserve, Somerset West

Day 109 – Bubble, Atlantic, view

The Atlanticview Camps Bay

Day 107 – Willowbrook Lodge

Lourensford river

Day 106 – Blue / green

Sky / plant

Day 105 – A 50 year old wedding dress

It's called setting the bar really high!
(congrats mom & dad)

Day 97 – Freezing fog

Aftermath of the chill in middle England, on the way to Manchester

Day 93 – No swimming

Damn, got my trunks and everything

Day 90 – Next collection: Tue


Day 88 – St Paul’s from the South Bank

Not a bad way to beat the tube strike.

Day 87 – Brrrrrrr…

Winter chills really set in

Day 84 – Local onlooker

Observing the construction in Southwark

Day 83 – Last of the last

Lavender watches as Cherry finally lets go

Day 81 – Miniature skull posy

Creepy what you can find in the garden if you look closely

Day 80 – Wintry walk

Ockham common in Surrey

Day 68 – City hockey

Night sports

Day 67 – Cold, grey, wet

Normal service has resumed in London.

Day 59 – Autumn tactics

Trees are going fast

Day 58 – Saturday morning shopping

A game the whole family can play

Day 56 – St John’s at Knutsford

Deep autumn colours take over the parish

Day 55 – Trip the light

Broadgate square comes to life as night sets in

Day 53 – Drones walk the bridge

Sometimes you forget to look up. A crisp morning can make the city look great.

Day 51 – Ghosts at the mall

Waitrose gets some strange visitors

Day 49 – “On the train”

Self portrait as a train from Kingston flies past

Day 48 – Kingston cinema complex

Busses and pedestrians compete amongst the roadworks

Day 47 – Guildhall in Kingston-Upon-Thames

On the way to another day in the second week of jury duty at the crown court.