Day 237 – Allium


Day 236 – Littlest room

In linen

Day 234 – Sunday stroll

Walking off Easter pud

Day 227 – Marathon Sunday

Well done the finishers!

Day 222 – Making a move

Lunchtime players

Day 221 – Walking with purpose

The city requires it of everyone

Day 211 – Tower of power

Just another roadside attraction

Day 209 – Painterly tulips

Slow day

Day 203 – Not New York

New York New York

Day 190 – Sun St Passage

Homeward bound for the weekend

Day 184 – Commerce in Kingston

Saturday shoppers

Day 180 – Alleyways

Street lamps and strays

Day 169 – Busking it home

Night train

Day 158 – Light suit

Work attire

Day 156 – Stella by Earl’s

not as boozy as it may seem

Day 155 – Stella by Joey’s

Bellevue, Washington

Day 154 – Happy 10th anniversary (my love)

(05:45 leaving San Jose) It's not "where" I'd like to be but it is a "when" I'm glad to be at

Day 145 – Reflecting on the city

As the day winds down

Day 138 – Waterloo & Pity line

Herding people

Day 137 – FY11 Planning

Making up the numbers

Day 89 – Icy platforms

Ready, steady, snow

Day 88 – St Paul’s from the South Bank

Not a bad way to beat the tube strike.

Day 71 – Epsom Clock Tower

Keeping time since 1847

Day 69 – “On the train” #2


Day 63 – Canary Wharf disgorges…

...another batch of commuters

Day 61 – Don’t get in the way…

...of Londoners on their way home

Day 60 – Get your skates on

Broadgate circle ice rink is up under a bruised winter sky

Day 58 – Saturday morning shopping

A game the whole family can play

Day 56 – St John’s at Knutsford

Deep autumn colours take over the parish

Day 54 – Towering over the alleyways

New dwarfs the old.