Day 58 – Saturday morning shopping

A game the whole family can play

Day 57 – Flowers for the birthday girl

Hearts 'n roses

Day 56 – St John’s at Knutsford

Deep autumn colours take over the parish

Day 55 – Trip the light

Broadgate square comes to life as night sets in

Day 54 – Towering over the alleyways

New dwarfs the old.

Day 53 – Drones walk the bridge

Sometimes you forget to look up. A crisp morning can make the city look great.

Day 52 – Daddy disco

Sam and Luke throw down to Juluka

Day 51 – Ghosts at the mall

Waitrose gets some strange visitors

Day 50 – Not a Joshua Tree

Extreme pruning

Day 49 – “On the train”

Self portrait as a train from Kingston flies past

Day 48 – Kingston cinema complex

Busses and pedestrians compete amongst the roadworks

Day 47 – Guildhall in Kingston-Upon-Thames

On the way to another day in the second week of jury duty at the crown court.

Day 46 – Epsom sunrise

Early start with a view at the bottom of the road

Day 45 – Sunflower’s farewell

Crisp air and blue skies in Stratford-Upon-Avon

Day 44 – Turning 5

Rachel gets to be the birthday fairy

Day 43 – Open

It's just how you get off the train.

Day 42 – Coffee moments

Getting ready for the day ahead

Day 41 – Mind the gap

That fabled yellow line and gap on London's platforms

Day 40 – Autumn blaze

Caught on the way home just outside Epsom - hopped off the bus to snap this.

Day 39 – Old red telephone boxes clearly redundant

The installation artwork in Kingston on Thames' high street area

Day 38 – Afternoon stroll

Cally walking in the forest near Horton Park

Day 37 – Last of the summer colour

Berries cling on to their reds

Day 36 – AppTitude at the Brandenburg Gate

In Berlin for Citrix Synergy conference

Day 35 – Beers in Berlin

Curry wurstel and beer, lovely.


Day 34 – strange place for a steak

Citrix Synergy Berlin.

Day 33 – Ye Olde Bank…

...of England

Day 32 – Nightbus

Making the most of chaos during the tube strike.

Day 31 – Neighbourhood watch

Spiders are fat from Summer pickings

Day 30 – Stained glass gallery

Renaissance section at the V&A museum in London

Day 29 – Gendarmes

Paris' finest preside over the morning rush hour