Day 226 - Sodium glow

Blossoms in the orange light

Day 179 - These shoes weren't made for walking

But that’s just what they’ll do

Day 156 – Stella by Earl’s

not as boozy as it may seem

Day 114 – Walking off the Christmas pud

Brent, Lucy, Cally and Angie in the afternoon glow

Day 105 – A 50 year old wedding dress

It’s called setting the bar really high!
(congrats mom & dad)

Day 83 – Last of the last

Lavender watches as Cherry finally lets go

Day 71 – Epsom Clock Tower

Keeping time since 1847

Day 61 – Don’t get in the way…

…of Londoners on their way home

Day 56 – St John’s at Knutsford

Deep autumn colours take over the parish

Day 52 – Daddy disco

Sam and Luke throw down to Juluka