Day 123 – Fruit of the vine

Wine tasting under the oaks, Franschhoek

Day 120 – Scratching the Overberg sky

Leaving 2010 behind,
Here’s to 2011

Day 116 - Fishing with gramps

Will and Lolli casting for tiddlers

Day 114 – Walking off the Christmas pud

Brent, Lucy, Cally and Angie in the afternoon glow

Day 113 – Ferns and fynbos

Helderberg nature reserve, Somerset West

Day 110 – Mother City

Cape Town, Toy Town

Day 109 – Bubble, Atlantic, view

The Atlanticview Camps Bay

Day 105 – A 50 year old wedding dress

It’s called setting the bar really high!
(congrats mom & dad)

Day 97 – Freezing fog

Aftermath of the chill in middle England, on the way to Manchester

Day 95 – Chicago chill

Yesterday’s memory from Bartlett

Day 93 – No swimming

Damn, got my trunks and everything

Day 88 – St Paul’s from the South Bank

Not a bad way to beat the tube strike.

Day 87 – Brrrrrrr…

Winter chills really set in

Day 84 – Local onlooker

Observing the construction in Southwark

Day 83 – Last of the last

Lavender watches as Cherry finally lets go