Day 129 - False Bay sunset

Last of the Cape Skies

Day 124 - Smokin' cake

Celebration for Roly with B

Day 123 – Fruit of the vine

Wine tasting under the oaks, Franschhoek

Day 101 – A shift in hue

Cape Town skies, the richest blue

Day 20 - Scuba tanks

The all-important air tanks

Day 19 - Cally / fish, part 2

Cally takes a closer look at a fishy friend, house reef, Stella Di Mare hotel, Sharm.

Day 18 - Aquatic Dissonance

Looks a bit like a tank but it’s 10m down – snorkelling in Sharm

Day 16 - Beachside bliss

The beach terrace at the Stella Di Mare resort in Naama Bay.

Day 15 - The Deep

Cally takes a peek into the abyss.
Naama Bay

Day 14 - Morning rounds

Early morning in Sharm, checking the grounds.

More pics…

Day 13 - Sun, warmth, book, sea

It’s all the girl really needs.

Day 12 - G&T, it's got to be

Nothing like a G&T in 40 degrees.

Day 11 - Cally / fish

Cally makes new friends as we take the underwater camera for a spin.

Day 10 - Sunrise over Sharm

It’s a very early start as we arrive at 5am and watch the sun come up before getting our room.

Naama bay in the evening…