Day 241 - Yellow symphony

Rapeseed blankets the countryside

Day 212 - Top Bananas

Brighton boardwalk

Day 207 - Spring-time

Flowers at the clock tower

Day 190 - Sun St Passage

Homeward bound for the weekend

Day 123 – Fruit of the vine

Wine tasting under the oaks, Franschhoek

Day 122 – The pot-o-gold’s in Franschhoek

I’ll let you know if I find it…

Day 121 - 1/1/11 1:11pm

Happy New Year!

Day 120 – Scratching the Overberg sky

Leaving 2010 behind,
Here’s to 2011

Day 111 – I lost my dragonfly

Seapoint prommenade.
More on this cool installation here:

Day 84 – Local onlooker

Observing the construction in Southwark

Day 80 – Wintry walk

Ockham common in Surrey

Day 67 – Cold, grey, wet

Normal service has resumed in London.

Day 56 – St John’s at Knutsford

Deep autumn colours take over the parish

Day 49 – “On the train”

Self portrait as a train from Kingston flies past

Day 48 – Kingston cinema complex

Busses and pedestrians compete amongst the roadworks

Day 39 – Old red telephone boxes clearly redundant

The installation artwork in Kingston on Thames’ high street area

Day 31 – Neighbourhood watch

Spiders are fat from Summer pickings

Day 21 - Big world

Life comes in all sizes on the reef

Day 19 - Cally / fish, part 2

Cally takes a closer look at a fishy friend, house reef, Stella Di Mare hotel, Sharm.

Day 13 - Sun, warmth, book, sea

It’s all the girl really needs.