Day 322 - Thames commuters

Cabs, busses and boats

Day 190 - Sun St Passage

Homeward bound for the weekend

Day 180 - Alleyways

Street lamps and strays

Day 179 - These shoes weren't made for walking

But that’s just what they’ll do

Day 147 – Self-reference

picperday on picperday

Day 88 – St Paul’s from the South Bank

Not a bad way to beat the tube strike.

Day 67 – Cold, grey, wet

Normal service has resumed in London.

Day 63 – Canary Wharf disgorges…

…another batch of commuters

Day 61 – Don’t get in the way…

…of Londoners on their way home

Day 43 - Open

It’s just how you get off the train.

Day 41 - Mind the gap

That fabled yellow line and gap on London’s platforms

Day 27 - Morning cuppa

Guess who supplies my morning caffeine.

Day 26 - Stepping up

Tucking behind the commuter in front, up those stairs.

Day 6 - The drain

Waterloo and City underground entrance from Bank station. Affectionately known as ‘the drain’.

Day 4 - London life

A to B, Londoners know.