iphone-ppdOne photo, each day, on the day, for a year. Sounds easy?

Well, now that I’m into my second project I have an idea of what’s involved and it can become quite challenging to maintain both the quality and the frequency. My aim is to achieve a visually pleasing image as opposed to a daily record and to this end I frequently use heavy image manipulation/filters. Pretty much all images will be taken with my iPhone, mostly for convenience. 2015/2016 is the second incarnation and my 2011 project can still be viewed for posterity.

My name is Paul Schnell and this is just a personal project taken on as a challenge. The goal has been to learn to see differently, be more spontaneous with photography¬†and hopefully to discover that there are worthwhile images to be had just about everywhere. Looking back on the first year – the project delivered on those goals and more. If you enjoy taking photos and aren’t afraid of the commitment I highly recommend going for it, you’ll be surprised and if nothing else its an interesting catalogue of a year in your life.

I have some other pics and projects located at http://www.paulschnell.com

Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoy!