Day 76.2 - Long way round

Apparently with tornado warning in place

Day 72.2 - Chasing Josh

There’s a theme developing.

Day 65.2 - Cauliflower swan

Fried, puréed, pickled, crumbed and blanched with scallops and prosciutto shards 

Day 62.2 - Winter soup

Mile 204 – stodgy underfoot

Day 61.2 - God's Own Junkyard

(Walthamstow) Farewell to Simon, Sam & the girls

Day 60.2 - Chasing Tom

Most likely how the marathon will play out

Day 58.2 - Order is restored

Separate bowls, happy kitties

Day 57.2 - Girls on film

Duran Duran, still got it after 30 years.

Day 56.2 - Dog walker

Requires a certain level of commitment right now

Day 53.2 - Wine by Ernie

Company by MichaelDavis

Day 51.2 - The Cathedrals Express

Don’t see that every day

Day 50.2 - Its behind you!

Sashimi practising for panto season (maybe)