Day 147 – Self-reference

picperday on picperday

Day 142 – The City

From the Royal Observatory at Greenwich

Day 141 – End of an era

So long 4 Broadgate, App-DNA moves on

Day 137 – FY11 Planning

Making up the numbers

Day 136 – Winter warmers

Root veg and slow cooked beef

Day 133 – Talk to me…

An enterprising banker in the making.

Day 131 – Up on the Downs

Epsom Downs, change of palette

Day 129 - False Bay sunset

Last of the Cape Skies

Day 128 - Lekker lewe

Heritage Manor kitty enjoying the good life

Day 127 – The artist and his canvas

Philip surveys his latest piece.
More brilliant work here:

Day 124 - Smokin' cake

Celebration for Roly with B

Day 123 – Fruit of the vine

Wine tasting under the oaks, Franschhoek

Day 122 – The pot-o-gold’s in Franschhoek

I’ll let you know if I find it…

Day 121 - 1/1/11 1:11pm

Happy New Year!